Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flashback to 2007: Snow and a Snyder Poem

Just prior to the start of our Winter Recess last Friday, many students (and some staff) were bemoaning the fact that we would (and did) have a "White Christmas." For anyone else with that itch to scratch, what follows is a post from December 7, 2007, that includes photos from our first substantial snowfall of that year...

"The Snow on Saddle Mountain" by Gary Snyder

The only thing that can be relied on
is the snow on Kurakake Mountain.
fields and woods
thawing, freezing, and thawing,
totally untrustworthy.
it's true, a great fuzzy windstorm
like yeast up there today, still
the only faint source of hope
is the snow on Kurakake mountain.

Embrassez votre été invincible!

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