Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Rhetor, You Vampire Comic

The final splash page of "I, Vampire" #1 features a two for one deal on epigrams!
Despite my initial reservations about the recent "reboot" to the DC Universe of comic books, I have enjoyed the freedom of dropping the traditional DC titles I had been collecting for years (Green Lantern titles, mostly) in favor of some newer, more unique titles, such as I, Vampire. Though based on a previously existing vampire character, I am digging this new, updated iteration so far. Given the literary origins for most things vampire-y (Bram Stoker, anyone?), it only makes sense that the first issues of this series should offer an opportunity for me to post about the use of a literary device and reference in one of my favorite mediums.

In one of my English classes, we recently discussed the use of epigrams (a brief, clever, and usually memorable statement) or quotes, as an effective way to open essays and book chapters especially as a means of establishing a tone or focus. Clearly, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Andrea Sorrentino know something about establishing mood. In the case of I, Vampire, the two epigrams (one by the oft-quoted Sun Tzu and the second from Robert Browning) are actually utilized to leave a tonal exclamation mark on the 20+ pages of events that preceded them... and check out the issue at your local shop to get the full impact and scale of the quotes in context!

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