Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly Reading: November 23

Something of a small holiday week for new releases, though this week's whopping $7.99(!) Fantastic Four #600 (the first issue in almost a year having been replaced by Future Foundation) saw the inevitable return of Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm from the ranks of dearly briefly departed superheroes. Given not much was on the new releases table, I picked through a long box of cover priced back issues marked "War + Western." Therein I came across two issues of a five issue mini-series drawn by the legendary John Severin. There's nothing like some unexpected Western goodness to spice up the long Turkey Day weekend!

Here are the goodies I stuffed my bag with this week:
Fantastic Four #600 (Marvel) Superhero
Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave #3 & #4 (Homage) Western/Fantasy
Alpha Flight #6 (Marvel) Superhero
All-Star Western #3 (DC) Western
I, Vampire #3 (DC) Superhero/Horror
The Sixth Gun #17 (Oni Press) Western/Fantasy
Streets of Glory #6 (Avatar) Western
In addition to the new-old Western I discovered in the long box, I also purchased the last issue of the Streets of Glory mini that I had begun buying weekly--it too had been released a few years ago (2008), only to be discovered when I saw the trade paperback for sale on the new releases table. No fan of trades, I began slowly but surely collecting the six individual issues--really great old-timey Western stuff with a dose of realistic action thrown in for good measure, a sort of comic book version of Unforgiven.

Next week promises to be another small week (for me anyway), so who knows what secrets the stacks of unloved books and secret longbox stashes will reveal?

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