Thursday, December 01, 2011

Weekly Reading: November 30

Short stack this week.
As the number of mega-publisher (DC & Marvel) comics I collect dwindles (and will continue to with the cancellations of Alpha Flight and Ghost Rider), the (relatively) smaller publications have increased, most notably those put out by Image. Only a few short months ago my Image purchases were limited to All-ages Western Reed Gunther, but has recently expanded to include titles from both the company's horror (Severed) and superhero (Mudman) offerings. I've also continued to sample from past titles, which though no longer being published, fill a genre niche I occasionally like to scratch.

This week's haul includes:
Kid Colt #1 (Marvel, 2009) Western... Duh!
Severed #4 (Image) Horror
FF #12 (Marvel) Superhero
Ghost Rider #6 (marvel) Superhero
Mudman #1 (Image) Superhero
Loveless #1-2 (DC, 2005) Western
Once again, a slow week at ye' ol' comic shop for new releases creates the opporuntity for a follow-up trip to the longbox of forgotten Western comics. This week I pulled a 2009 one-shot featuring Kid Colt, a character I have inadvertently started following through a number of different iterations, including the recently begun mini-series Six Guns. I also picked up the first two issues of Brian Azzarello and Narcelo Frusin's Loveless. Admittedly this was because I initially thought it may feature super-cool diminutive Wild Wild West villain, Doctor Miguelito Loveless. On initial inspection there appears to be no little people featured therein, but I picked them up on a lark hoping for a good beginning.

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