Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doll Collector: Dr. Doom (2005)

They had me at "with Traffic Light and Mask."
As previously mentioned, I could "blame" the most recent Fantastic Four (2006) film for my brief foray into action figure collecting if I chose to. I had waited thirty years for the movie and, as a spendthrift fanboy, had to have the 6" molded plastic versions of my two favorite characters in the Fantastic Four mythos: Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and his opposite number, Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom). 

As is always the case, Doom came first.

This particular Dr. Doom acton figure (unbelievably this figure on ToyWiz.com goes for $34.99!) was manufactured by ToyBiz, and was among the Series 4 wave of figures released to tie-in with the film in 2005. Though the design deviates quite a bit from the many incarnation of Doom in the comic books, I like the attempt to update his look for the realistic world they were trying to create in the film. The fact that the "bonus" accessories are a mask and traffic light is also pretty amusing, but ultimately did not keep this beauty from being relegated to the cardboard box in my crawlspace, where it was returned following its photo shoot for this post.

With an intended reboot on the horizon, I'll get another crack a Doom figure in the future, though I may resist the impulse purchase urge this time.

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