Sunday, March 18, 2012

Into the Spring of Things

One of the first Robins of Spring means it's time to get in shape... again (3/17/12).
This past week I was not completely successful in adhering 100% to Week 4 the Couch-Potato-to-10k Plan, but I did get out for three of the four days. The primary challenge continues to be allocating my time in such a way that when I can get out, I am motivated to do so. What I will not do is excuse my lack of discipline with "I don't have the time..." I have the time, I just need to take advantage of it! While I started the plan with Week 4, and despite not sticking to it fully, this week (my training week also begins on Sunday), I am moving on to Week 5.

The most significant shift is not in cumulative time (still 30 minutes), but in the amount of time "run" (or jogged) without rest: 10 minutes. I am trying to be patient with my running but this to is not easy as I can still remember running for 60-80 minutes for long weekend training runs. Given my need to drop some weight and raise my level of conditioning before adding more significant training expectations, at this point, patience is the best way to avoid overuse and unnecessary additional knee pain.

With the first week of Track and Field practice completed, I also found myself being much more active (running from station to station, or modeling drills for new participants), but it would be generous to suggest these coaching necessities constitute a consistent workout. It was very nice to be on the move again.

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