Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's Begin Again

The Hiram Sibley Building at the corner of Alexander St. and University Ave. in Rochester, NY (3/11/12).
It's been a few weeks months since last I went for a run (November 30 to be precise) due primarily to a busy schedule, cool weather and (more honestly) a lack of discipline. After seeing a series of unflattering photos, stepping on the scale this morning, and experiencing a general funk, I've come to the conclusion that it's once again time to set some goals and get back into the running groove.

But, I've got to start with baby steps...

I did a quick online search and returned to something that has worked for me in the past (in addition to putting down the chips and wings) and that is a "coach potato to 10k" program. There are many online, and all are pretty similar( walk-run-walk-run), and what I like about them is that it transitions one from a relatively sedentary state to activity in a way that is not too jarring. I did not, however choose to start at the very beginning of the program as I have not yet become quite that much of a coach potato!

I picked up the program with Week 4 which calls for: "4 Days of activity: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as follows: 6 minute walk, 7 minute jog, 5 minute  walk, 6 minute jog, 6 minute walk." After strapping on the old school GPS ($10 watch from Target), I hit the bricks! While on my 30 minute walk-run, I passed the building above which once again reminded me of how much I enjoy running the streets of the city on weekends.

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