Thursday, March 08, 2012

Weekly Reading: March 7 or One More Abrogated Comic

A colorful week of endings... with an appearance by the "real" Lone Ranger, too!
Another pretty substantial haul this week including two issues not pictured (Swamp Thing and another  The Walking Dead trade), but what strikes me is that two of these series will soon be deleted from my pull sheet either through their conclusion with the final issue out today, or will soon be drawing to a close because of cancellation.

Helldorado: East Eats West, published by APE Entertainment, concluded with the third issue and it has been entertaining read. I'm a fan of Western genre mash-ups and while this could very well have gone south quickly, this miniseries avoided the campy route and played it straight--as "straight" as a zombie-martial arts-spaghetti western can be played. While no sequel was promo toed at the end, the trade (of course) will be out before the ink even dries on the single issues.

O.M.A.C., part f the original New 52  reboot initiative at DC Comics, will be ending with the next issue due to, presumably, low sales which is unfortunate. On of the very few main continuity comics that has an all-ages appeal and old-school comic book vibe just wasn't meant to last. Since its cancellation was announced a few months ago, I have had a difficult time enjoying the book as it now seems so unnecessary given that the character will likely fall back into comic book oblivion until the next reboot.

This week's bag was chock full with:
Helldorado: East Eats West #3 (APE Entertainment)
The Lone Ranger #3 (Dynamite)
iZombie #23 (Vertigo/DC)
Fatale #3 (Image)
Sweet Tooth #31 (Vertigo/DC)
O.M.A.C. #7 (DC)
Rachel Rising #6 (Abstract Studio)
Animal Man #7 (DC)
Swamp Thing #7 (DC)
The Walking Dead Volume 8: Made to Suffer (Image)
If a few series don't pick up steam (or the quality of the art, they, too, may find themselves cancelled from pull list, if not cancelled from their publisher's roster of titles (as much as I hate to type it, I'm looking at you Animal Man).

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