Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Weekly Reading: April 4

Yippee-ky-ay! Grrrrr! Westerns and horror have taken over my pull list!
Heading down to Washington, DC, this weekend to tour/visit colleges with my stepson, but (of course),not without first swinging by my local comic shop. For the first time in weeks I refrained from purchasing any back issues, electing instead to use my trip, and the impending Spring Break which follows, to catch up on some  reading of issues recently brought home but as of yet unopened. This week's selection is horror and western heavy in its content--a change in my collecting habits that continues to become more apparent.
Swamp Thing #8 (DC)
The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #3 (Big Dog Ink)
The Lone Ranger #4 (Dynamite)
Animal Man #8 (DC)
Dead or Alive #3 (Red 5 Comics)
iZombie #24 (Vertigo)
Sweet Tooth #23 (Vertigo)
O.M.A.C. #8 (DC)
Fatale #4 (Image)
With the announcement this week that iZombie will be drawing to a close in September, and O.M.A.C.'s cancellation (this week's issue being its last), the whittling down of my pull list  has officially begun. This is not necessarily a bad development with summer (and the decrease in pay that comes with it) on the horizon.

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