Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly Reading: 7/27/12

Vampires, zombies and cowboys... oh, my!
My intention this summer to minimize my comic purchases to save money has not gotten off to the best start. Fortunately for me, this week, with the final issue of Gears of War (issue #24, not picutred above for some reason) being published, saw the first of many "lasts" coming up ion the next few months. In addition to Gears, Jeff Lemire's post-apocolyptic Sweet Tooth, the Mike Allred illustrated iZombie will both be coming to conclusions by September. In all three cases, though I've enjoyed each run, it makes sense to see the stories come to a conclusion--there is something to be said for mini (and maxi) series as there is no so much confusion regarding continuity.

Gears of War was an usual purchase for me, as I have never really bought into video game tie-ins, but after playing both Gears 1 and 2, I began buying eh comic book to fill in the narrative gaps in the games. Surprisingly well-written and illustrated, this book never seemed to be promoted or purchased (my local comic shop only ordered three each month--one which would be pulled for me) it just seemed to chug along. In fact, the only indication that #24 was to be the last issue was the red flag title on the cover "It all ends HERE!"

It's all good, though, as Image Comic's re-envisioned Prophet is very admirably satiating my sci-fi funny book cravings with its faux-French comic stylings... truly good stuff!

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