Saturday, September 15, 2012

NBIM, Day 15: Bat Lash #2 (2007)

Bat Lash #2, Cover art by the legendary Walt Simonson.
Sorry for missing a few days of National Back Issue Month postings, but with school back in sessions it's not nearly as easy to sit down and write. For today's grand return, I've selected the second issue of the six issue Bat Lash miniseries published by DC Comics back in 2007. Like many of the Western titles I know have as part of my collection, it was one that I came to many years after its initial release, fortunate that the Western genre has not seen a bump in back issue costs.

One of the draws beyond the genre for me in purchasing this title, which more and more seems to be the case, was the creative team involved: co-writers Western novelist Peter Brandvold (Rogue Lawman, .45-Caliber Deathtrap) and Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine, Groo), cover artist Walter Simonson (Thor, Fantastic Four), and interiors artist John Severin (Mad Magazine, Cracked, Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandoes, to name just a few).
Mark off another box on the "Why does he...?" checklist.
The purpose of the miniseries was to  retell for a new generation the origin story of the most unusual cowboy of them all, a tough but tender young Bat Lash braves a corrupt sheriff and a greedy rancher just to woo a rancher's lovely daughter. Issue two provides the backstory for why Bat Lash wears a bright red flower in his hat band. This little character detail is also symbolic of Bat's romance fueled adventures in a comic book world of rough riders, tough guys and drunks. Despite his flowery hat, he he has a tendency to kick butt and take names wit the best of them... especially when there is an act of chivalry involved!

All six issues of the Bat Lash (2007) miniseries are likely available at cover price ($2.99) at your local comics store or at about a third of the price online. If you are a Western fan or simply an appreciator of fine comic book craftsmanship, you won't be disappointed.

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