Saturday, November 24, 2012

Doll Collector: DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex

Front of packaging: not sure about the slick, hip "superhero-esque" Hex logo to the lower left though.
I've long suggested that Jonah Hex should be required reading for comic book and Western aficionados alike. Of course, I've also espoused the virtues of doll action figure appreciation, so the weight of what I suggest could be called into question by those unwilling to embrace their imaginative side. Fortunately for me, last summer two those two "passions" came together in the toy aisle of my local Target.

Howdy, handsome!
When I find myself shopping at Target for clothing, dog food or school supplies, I will take advantage of the opportunity to peruse the toy department for any interesting developments in superhero toys. Fully aware that I am a 40+ year-old, I do my best to blend in and pretend to shop for my kids, while secretly scoping out any odd or unique figure or toy that had previously sold out at my local comic shop before I could reserve one.

One such figure, that I had heretofore been unaware was even available, was the Jonah Hex DC Universe Classics figure (seen above, and with facial close-up to the left)! From Mattel, "this exciting 7-inch scale Jonah Hex (comic style) action figure features brilliant colors, tons of detail, and plenty of articulation." It had me at "7-inch scale" which , in this day and age, is something of a throwback given the price of production. Another bonus is that the packaging rightly describes the "toy" as for the "Adult Collector." Must admit, that makes me smile.

Believe it or not, there are websites and blogs devoted to the review of action figures which go into the quality of the sculpt, sophistication of joint articulation, etceteras... all I can say is that this Hex is a three-dimensional depiction of a classic comic book character that meets any needs I might have had for its appearance. (One sort-of more serious review can be seen here.) Simply put, it's cool to look at and looks sharp on the bookshelf in our computer room. Released in February/March of 2011 by Mattel, Jonah Hex is just one of  seven figures, including a variant Robin, that comprised Wave 16 of the DC Universe Classics line. Hex, as one of the Collect and Connect series, was packaged with the right leg of Batman villain, Bane.

All-in-all I was very satisfied with this find, the last on the shelf, at my neighborhood Target!

Back of packaging with oddly no mention of Hex's hobbies: drinkin', whorin' and killin'!

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