Thursday, November 08, 2012

Rinsing Tins: A Reflection on Family

On my journey toward being a stronger, more vital part of my larger community, I sometimes lose sight of the "community" that is most important to me. It is all well and good (and necessary) to care for the environment, act in a manner that considers future generations, and make a conscious effort to improve the conditions for those less fortunate, but this morning I'm taking a moment to reflect on my family.

As we (my wife and children) build strength, fall down, and get back up--I strive to commit to the knowledge that without the support of one another, the journey will be much more difficult... and significantly less interesting.

The challenge in being a true partner in any relationship is acting on this understanding through right action and behavior, rather than thinking about how we hope to be supportive of one another. The little things do matter and the simplest of considerations can have a powerful impact on relationships.

Last week, I made dinner with my wife. A small thing, for sure, but in the context of our relationship, a shift. I opened cans, set the table, she prepped the ingredients, and so on... I don't often help while she is preparing a meal; truth is when making meals we both work pretty independently. But in the rinsing of the aluminum cans and slicing of the bread there is a magic in completing these activities in the presence of someone you care about. It is as if the proximity makes special the mundane chores.

Some of my best memories are of my wife and I working in the garden together and making meals. I continue to seek these opportunities to act together in our shared place; despite the reality that we exist for a time each day in times and places dealing with those responsibilities "outside" our union... though attempting to increase and make the best of the small moments we have together.

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