Saturday, January 12, 2013


Last October, while in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for my brother-in-law's fuenral, my wife and I were diving back to my sister-in-law's when I stopped the van to let a tumbleweed roll across the pebble and hard pact dirt road. We waited for a few moments during which time I reached into my hoodie pocket for my small Canon camera.

Being a lifelong upstate New Yorker, I had never seen a "real" tumbleweed before and wanted to take a quick picture. Because I have five thumbs, no pictures came out (like, not even close), as I had inadvertently flipped the function to "video." As a result, all I captured of that tumbleweed by is a single second of it rolling out of view down a slight hill.

It was a pretty cool tumbleweed to watch roll along.

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