Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Long Rain Barrel Good-bye!

Water dumped out and top removed prior to storing.
The fact that our Upstate New York winter is (fingers crossed!) almost over doesn't mean that I have forgotten about the ongoing winterization of my rain water collection barrel. Initially, I had intended to simply leave the spigot open and let the melt run through the barrel, draining out onto the patio.

Not quite what I had hoped would happen...
At last check, this plan was revealed to be a more than a little naive as the result (evidence by the pic above) was simply a pile of frozen ice and water which failed had to facilitate drainage.

Back to "normal," relatively speaking.
Adjusting the plastic accordion connector from the barrel to the original underground drain pipe proved easier than anticipated. This would allow for the original flow of rainwater (and melt) that had been interrupted by the barrel's installation last summer.

Looks warmer than it really is.
The heavy lifting consisted of disassembling the barrel's components, a task made more challenging by the frozen standing water collected within. Even with the unusually warn weather over the days prior the water had not melted enough to avoid the necessity of breaking the ice with a hammer to allow for removal and storage.

Accordion attached and barrel removed.
The rain water barrel's space is cleared until spring, when it will see a triumphant return, reattachment and return to function.

See you in the spring!
Stored atop the charcoal grill with porch furniture and large gardening tools, the barrel (significantly lighter after the water and ice has been bashed out of it) awaits, like I, the warmer temperatures of May.

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