Thursday, May 09, 2013

My Boy's Second-to-Last Track Meet

Victor High School Track (5/7/13).
Tuesday I travelled to my son Jack's second-to-last regular season outdoor track meet. While there are a few league invitationals left to go such as the Monroe County Championships and Sectionals, dual meets offer an especially interesting viewing experience as they are generally more intimate, with fewer spectators allowing for a variety of vantage points suring any single race. The site for this particular meet was Victor High School, and their beautiful facilities, combined with excellent and picturesque clouds, made for a great day to be outside watching the Fairport Red Raiders compete and snapping some pictures.

Warming up prior to the 1600 meter run (5/7/13).

Off the line in Jack's first race of the day: 1600 meter run (5/7/13).
Lap 2 with team mate Josh Wolf in tow (5/7/13).
Nearly at the 800 meter mark (5/7/13).
Coming down toward the finish (5/7/13).

Jack awaiting his official time in the 1600 meter run (5/7/13).

A huge pack of Raiders turn the 300m mark of the 3200 meter run (5/7/13).

Jack's off hand carry is the result of his motioning to have his teammates pace with him (5/7/13).
Red Raider Olivier Hatta makes a move going into the turn (5/7/13).
Jack and David Grouse come down the final 20 meter stretch to the 3200 meter finish (5/7/13).

Ultimately, neither the team nor my son had the results I am sure they had hoped for. There defeat by a skilled Victor squad was their first of the season, and there were no personal records (PRs) in the offing as Jack had run each event as a "workout" rather than as all-out competitive races. I am confident though that he did feel a measure of success as his teammates ran well and (though I am unsure) may have run personal records as a result as his pacing and supporting them.

Like any proud parent, these last few weeks of my son's high school experience are full of  melancholy  "lasts," and for this I am grateful. Fortunately, after the dust settles on high school, there will be more exciting new "firsts" to look forward to...

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