Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Talking Turkey (& Photography)

If you look closely, this wild turkey is making the Facebook "duck face"(5/10/13).
They really can't hide from my camera lens much longer. With Spring in full swing, it has become a tiny bit easier to quickly catch sight of the wild turkeys roaming my mother's back yard. They no longer blend into the grey trunks and barren shrubs as before, and the fullness of their ruddy colors is more vibrant against the greens of opening leaves and sprouting grass.

Back to pecking for seed and other goodies (5/10/13).
In this particular instance, a ten days ago, three of the gang were once again hanging around by the neighbor's back door. The neighbors regularly feed the birds (along with the other neighborhood critters) by leaving out seed and bread. Due to the distraction of an accessible feast, I was able to slink closer to them than in the past. Wild turkeys are by no means "domesticated," actually quite the contrary, as it is my understanding they will charge if the mood hits them.

Craning for a peek in my direction (5/10/13).
I suppose the wild turkey has joined the collection of "common" regional birds, such as the American Robin, Mourning Dove and Northern Cardinal, that interest me as photographic subjects. Some people take pictures of trees and rocks, me, I dig birds.

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