Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Before (6/15/13).
Yesterday morning, my mother and I went to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, in Rochester, New York, where my father is buried to plant some flowers and, as it turned out, a flag. The last two times we had visited since his death earlier this year, we had agreed that ot woudl be a grand idea to freshen up the site a little bit. After noticing that the forecast for Father's Day included an 80% chance of rain, going the day before seemed like a better idea. There are always many visitors there working on their loved ones' graves, and today would be our turn.

After (6/15/13).
I, perhaps like you, used to think it was somewhat morbid to decorate grave sites. Of course, that was before it impacted me on a personal level. Now the practice seems to make more sense, which is usually how things go. As odd as it sounds, it was a cathartic experience stopping by the cemetery to planting some flowers, especially on a beautiful day in such close proximity to Father's Day. If this sound weird to you, I understand. I was in your position not too long ago.

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