Friday, June 28, 2013

Know Your Neighborhood Rabbits

Vick Park B. (6/25/13)
Each morning this week, I have awoken at 5:30 a.m. and walked around my neighborhood for at least thirty minutes. While I may have to begrudgingly accept that my days of 32 mile trail runs are behind me, I have not reconciled myself to a sedentary life. At least not yet. One thing that I have taken notice of in summers' past is that general area in which my neighborhood rests is chock full of rabbits. While walking Monday through Thursday, I carried my wife's Canon Powershot as a means of snapping pics of the different rabbits I came across.

Blessed Sacrament Church, corner of Monroe Ave. and Oxford. (6/25/13)
On the fifth day, today, my wife chided me about not taking our dog, Gracie, with me on my walks. Reminding me that rabbits were "ubiquitous" in our neighborhood, and therefore not worthy of being the entire focus of my walk, she suggested that it would be better for me to walk Gracie than take pics. Once again, she was probably right.

Westminster. (6/25/13)
Before leaving the house, my wife also suggested that Gracie's presence would not impact my coming across rabbits. Once again, she was right. While out-and-about, we spotted four rabbits at locations I had not previously photographed the animal at, as well as (sadly) one that had presumably hit by a car. There something sad about "roadkill" anything, but the squashed rabbit in the middle of Harvard Street seemed particularly unfortunate at this early hour.

Porstmouth between University and East Avenues. (6/27/13)

Barrington and Harvard. (6/27/13)
Fortunately for the rabbits, Gracie is as disinterested in them as they are likely nervous abbot her. Now, squirrels, that's another story completely! As we walk with in seven feet of one bunny sitting in the center of the sidewalk, and I say (in the higher pitch voice that I use in talking with my dog), "There's a bunny, Gracie" Then... nothing. Gracie would rather continue on down the street looking for a squirrel to eyeball. It occurs to me that while there appear to a ka-jillion squirrels jumping from tree-to-tree and writ-to-wire during the day, the early morning is clearly "bunny time."

Rochester Museum and Science Center parking lot. (6/26/13)
Now more than twenty minutes after returning home, Gracie is happily still sitting at my feet panting up a storm and wagging her tail. Tomorrow morning will see if it's a morning for photographing bunnies (maybe) or walking with my friend (very likely).

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