Sunday, June 02, 2013

Short, Pedestrian, Neighborhood Walk

Rabbit running away yesterday... very much like the one I saw today. (6/01/13)
Walk: 2.3 miles in 37.32 min. @ 7:00 a.m.
Weather: Mostly Cloudy with Drizzle, 69°F, 84% Humidity, Winds: SSW @ 12 mph; feels like 69°F.
Pace: 16.19 minutes per mile

Inspired by my student-athletes (including my son) after this weekend's State Qualifying Track and Field meet, and despite an ache in my hips and knees, I set out this morning for a short walk in hopes of building walks (eventually) into runs. This one was actually a follow-up to a pleasant walk I went on with my wife yesterday afternoon. The best outcome of both walks was my having come across a neighborrood rabbit on each day (well, that and having spent some time walking the 'hood with my wife--and the refreshing iced tea we stopped to buy along the way.)

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