Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two Cardinal Pics & One Haiga

Cardinal on hanging planter of wave petunias. (6/16/13)
Sunday afternoon, while talking with my kids who had stopped by to wish me a Happy Father's Day, my son noticed this Northern Cardinal sitting in the planter outside the house. Fortunately that little guy stayed there for long enough for me to grab my camera and get outside to take pictures. My daughter later noted that it was "like he was posing for you!"

Often I'll use moments captured on film (or as digital images) as visual haiku prompts. In truth, when I employ this strategy, what I am writing can best be defined as a haiga. Haiga is a style of Japanese painting based on the aesthetics of haiku, and usually including a haiku. Today, haiga artists combine haiku with paintings, photographs and other art. A haiga (haiku + image, in my case, photographs). The wonderful thing about haiku is that whether what you generate is "good" or "bad" there is always something (a moment) "around" one to offer worthy inspiration.

Cardinal. (6/16/13)
Toes clutching chipped paint
trellis, Cardinal awaits
whatever comes next.

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