Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Roadie: Hundred Acre Pond

Canada geese on the western bank of Hundred Acre Pond. (7/9/13)
Today's short trip out to Mendon Ponds Park with my son son, Jack (who needed to do a 90 minute run on trails) was marked more by what I saw and did not photograph, then by what I did and could manage to capture on "film." While Jack put his training mileage in, I did some light hiking in the area around the pond hoping to catch either some interesting birds, or common ones doing interesting things. Though neither objective was met, it was relaxing listening to the birds and attempting to identify them by their calls.

Apparently not used to being in such close proximity to humans,
the geese take off for the safety of the lily pads. (7/9/13)
Contrary to what the images accompanying this post would suggest, during my short time in the wooded area to the north of Hundred Acre Pond, I did have the opportunity to briefly track a rather large male Pileated Woodpecker.

... but have returned an hour later when I make my way back out through the wooded area. (7/9/13)
While I followed, and visually identified him in the tree tops, the flitted quickly away so I was unable to take his picture. Additionally there were the usual cast of characters: Red-Winged Blackbird (among the reeds as was the case the other day at Braddock Bay Park), American Robins and Black-capped Chickadees.

Muddy, soft trails make for great running and slippery walking. (7/9/13)
Many of the worn trails around the pond (and through the nearby wooded areas) are familair to me as a result of my own ancient trail running escapades and those of my student-athletes who compete on one of two course in Mendon Ponds Park.  As was the case this morning, I am always happy to report that there were a number of adults and children in the park bicycling, running and walking their pets.

This is about as "technical" as high school cross-country courses get around here. (7/9/13)
Despite not getting the pictures I had hoped, my thirst for quiet was satiated and I did get to see (and listen to) some beautiful local birds, whose paths I am sure to cross again.

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