Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Roadie: Rochester Red Wings at Frontier Field

Three photos stitched into one... the first time I've played with the new software. (7/23/13)
Tuesday evening I went with my brother, son and his friends to see our hometown Rochester Red Wings take on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs at Frontier Field. Of course, the other traveller who came with us was no "person" at all, but rather my camera, with which I took oodles of pictures. Much of the appeal of minor league baseball actually has little to do with what happens on the field, but more to do with the attractions available at the ball park: night skies, mascots, fans, memorabilia, and the conversations that take place between pitches.

I do enjoy the game of baseball, but more than that I enjoy going to the ballpark to take in the setting. After working there for three summers a decade ago, I don't have much opportunity to get back. What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening!

"Horse Hide": A reminder of the Rochester Horses on Parade campaign from
waaay back in 2001 on display inside the gates at Frontier field. (7/23/13)
My twin brother in front of the Red Wings fiberglass statue from the
Animals on Parade campaign. (7/23/13)
Pre-game ceremony: community members hold a flag during the National Anthem.(7/23/13)
Really are no "bad" seats at Frontier Field. (7/23/13)
Mascots Spikes and Mittsy with special "guests" a princess, Prince Charming and Jack Sparrow. (7/23/13)
A Rochester twist on the Milwaukee Brewers hot dog race with Rochester legends. (7/23/13)
Spikes serving as the Legends finish line. (7/23/13)
Mittsy and "Princess" signing autographs for fans. (7/23/13)
The view from the "Peanut Free" zone grass in left field. (7/23/13)
Red Wings mascot Mittsy high tens(?) a fan in the front row. (7/23/13)
Biggest hit of the night: IronPig 3B Peter Orr costs the fans a free taco! (7/23/13)
After avoiding a rainstorm fans are rewarded with a beautiful summer sky. (7/23/13)
In the end the IronPigs "rolled over" the Red Wings 8-1 (as a fan I'm not sure I've ever been to a game they've won) but despite the blowout final score, it was by no means an unentertaining game to watch.

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