Friday, August 23, 2013

Gobbler in the Garden

Pulling into the driveway, I come across this gobbler in the front garden. (7/23/13)
In the past two weeks our family has made some petty significant choices. Chief among them is the decision by my mother to "downsize" her living arrangement which will result in her moving to smaller accommodations. The small price I pay is the loss of my occasional "turkey watching" experiences in her backyard. This is, obviously, a small thing to exchange for her happiness and comfort. These pictures were taken just prior to our recent trip to Monterrey, Mexico. I had forgotten about them and they were rediscovered in the hard drive of my home computer. Somehow I find watching these goofy birds endlessly entertaining.

After sliding out og the driver's seat and grabbing my camera,
the turkey makes a bee-line for the backyard. (7/23/13)
Turkey's are unbelievable fast; it's is amazing how quick and agile these
"clunky" birds can be. (7/23/13)

The backyard is under a dense canopy of tree, thus the
more subdued hue of these later pictures. (7/23/13)
Having these memories and being able to experience first habnd the "fu" attitude and character of the Fairport wild turkeys harassing the neighborhood (and neighbors) has been euye opening. I am sure it is this tenacious attitude that famously prompted Ben Franklin to suggest the Wild Turkey as a potential National Bird.

Thumbing his beak at me with a quick ruffling of feathers,
turkey's off for parts unknown.(7/23/13)
I remain confident there will be more opportunities to capture these squatters on "film" before my mother's eventual change of address. As I think back to the not-too-distant-past, before I saw the turkeys for myself, I am heartened by how often conversations during my visits with my father and mother turned to the hijinks of the wild turkeys.

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