Thursday, August 29, 2013

Roadie: Columbia University

"Roar, Lions, Roar!" (8/26/13)
Earlier this week we took the train to New York City to deliver my stepson to his new college, Columbia University. While there I took a few photographs, and believe me when I suggest that the events (Convocation speakers, etc.) that are not reflected here were even better than those statues and buildings that are. A very impressive campus, faculty and an energetic student body! We are all every proud and excited for him as he embarks on this next step in his journey.

Most of the pictures were taken on the Morning side Campus.

Yours truly at the subway stop outside Columbia University. (8/27/13)

Balloons outside the West entrance, off Broadway, of College Walk welcome new students. (8/26/13)

John Jay Hall welcomes incoming freshman! (8/26/13)

John Hay Hall. (8/26/13)

The view from Gregory's dorm room in John Jay Hall. (8/26/13)

A statue of Alexander Hamilton in front of--you guessed it--Hamilton Hall. (8/26/13)

A bust of John Jay outside and between Hartley and Wallach Halls. (8/26/13)

The Low Library Rotunda along College Walk. (8/26/13)

The view of Butler Library--note authors--to the right of the John Jay Hall entrance. (8/26/13)

The view of Butler Library--note Greek philosophers and authors--from the steps outside the rotunda. (8/26/13)

Alma Mater is the name given to a sculpture of the goddess Athena by
Daniel Chester French on the outdoor steps leading to Low Memorial Library.(8/26/13)

To the lower left is the entrance to the Dodge Physical Fitness Center. (8/26/13)

Clement Meadmore's 1968 sculpture The Curl outside Uris Hall. (8/26/13)

St. Paul's Chapel was built in 1904. (8/26/13)

An authentic bronze casting of Rodin's Le Penseur (The Thinker)
outside the entrance of Philosophy Hall. . (8/26/13)

The Low Plaza bustling with Columbians.(8/26/13)

Recruiting women rowers for the crew team on the Low Plaza. (8/26/13)

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