Monday, September 23, 2013

Watching and Waiting

Towards the center just to the left of the shed is a dim yellow circle... what is it? (8/23/13)
While walking around the neighborhood with my wife a few evening's ago, we could not believe just how many rabbits we came across simply sitting in front yards in plain sight. While I have become accustomed to spotting them on morning walks during the summer, it had never occurred to me that they would "come out" when the sun sets, too, but it seems only natural. The images in this post are not from that walk but rather from an afternoon in late August when I actually spotted a rabbit in our background midday. How I actually through to look out the second story window in my step-sons room--and actually had a sense that something was there--I'll never know, but nonetheless there was something sitting in the low plants beside the shed.

The rabbit watching the yard. (8/23/13)
This was the day we had returned from a three day trip to take said step-son to college, a time during which our dog had stayed with my mother, so activity had been quiet in the yard. My wife has previously spotted a rabbit or two in the yard numerous times during the summer, so I suspect this was just a day during which the rabbit felt comfortable simply waiting. For what I'm not sure, but it occurs to me that animals like to "wait and watch": our dog on the back porch, the cat on the back of the coach, or this rabbit.

Stepping slightly from cover before jumping away. (8/23/13)
In the spirit of our shred animal nature, I set about getting my camera, quietly sliding open the second story window of the w room and went about briefly waiting and watching too. The rabbit sat there for a few minutes before venturing briefly out from behind the ground cover. After to  short time exposed to my lens, he hopped back behind the shed (wherein lies a large leaf waste compost pit and an almost dismantled wood pile.

Since these pictures were snapped in late August, I have been unable (or too busy to) capture any more recent pictures, but my wife has verified more sightings of a rabbit in the yard. In my mind I hear her say "the" rabbit, as I like to imagine we have a small neighbor who, when our dog Gracie is inside, takes her place waiting and watching...


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