Monday, October 07, 2013

Roadie: Space Center Houston

Saturn V at Rocket Park.--USA! USA! USA! (8/3/13)
After taking a brief hiatus from posting pictures from this past July/August's roadie south, I now present some photos from one of our last stops. One of the final touristy activities we took part in before returning home to New York in early August was to take the short drive from downtown, Houston, to Space Center Houston, the official visitors center for NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Space Shuttle Model. (8/3/13)

Apollo Lunar Module. (8/3/13)

A life size model of the real Enterprise's shuttle, Galileo. (8/3/13)

Astronaut space suit on display. (8/3/13)

SSME Propellant Flow. (8/3/13)

A model of the International Space Station. (8/3/13)

A very unassuming Mission Control building. (8/3/13)

Mission Control for the upcoming Mars Mission. (8/3/13)

Touring the grounds on the NASA Tram Tour. (8/3/13)

NASA Rocket Park. (8/3/13)

Saturn V Rocket Hall from the  NASA Tram Tour. (8/3/13)

Saturn V rocket detail. (8/3/13)
The Saturn V rocket on display is made up of the first stage from SA-514, the second stage from SA-515 and the third stage from SA-513 (replaced for flight by the Skylab workshop). With stages arriving between 1977 and 1979, this was displayed in the open until its 2005 restoration when a structure was built around it for protection.

Saturn V at Rocket Park. (8/3/13)

Saturn V at Rocket Park. (8/3/13)

Banners commemorating each space mission. (8/3/13)

Saturn V at Rocket Park. (8/3/13)

Saturn V rocket detail. (8/3/13)
Though I knew we had been busy (whirlwind-y, really), it's only now, a few months removed, that I'm realizing just how much my other, I and my brother had a chance to see of the Houston area in three short days!

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