Friday, November 22, 2013

Birds of Change

Wild Turkeys in Perinton, New York. (11/10/13)
The trees are nearly naked and the first snow flakes of the season have fallen. The past few weeks have seen our little slice of heaven in upstate New York transition from fall to winter, and while the twice-read tea leaves suggest a tough winter ahead, change is good.

American Robin in the Greece Athena High School courtyard. (11/12/13)
Ironically, it is in the last few weeks that the bird activity has increased in the school courtyard, just as the wild turkeys in Perinton have gone into relative hiding. With my mother having moved from the family home in Perinton , the likelihood of too many more turkey photo opps is decreasing, though the Robins (and an occasional Blue Jay) are striking a few poses before the snows really begin to fly any day now...

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