Friday, December 06, 2013

Courtyard Calls

Blue Jay on branches. (12/5/13)
Yesterday morning during class I had our classroom window slightly ajar (despite the protestations of a few students--it was after all almost 40°F out!). While entering attendance into the computer, I heard the familiar "jeer-jeer-jeer" of the Blue Jay just outside the window. Seizing the moment, I quickly took some photos of the two birds who briefly flitted about the trees and grass before heading over the wall of the courtyard. It has been so quiet this school year in the courtyard, almost any aviary chatter has been worth taking--though the occasional Mourning doves that peck about the pebbles in the early morning hours have been unusually quiet...

Blue Jay surveying the area. (12/5/13)

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Ernesto said...

So nice pictures of this birds. Good for BirdWatch Association