Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ticker the Christmas Kitty

Ticker sizes up the wrapping paper. (12/25/13)
Last evening, after opening presents and spending about twenty minutes clicking off pictures on my digital camera, it occurred to me that each of the past two years,while at my in-laws' celebrating Christmas Day, I've spent what might seem like an inordinate amount of time taking pictures of their cat, Ticker. While I am not really a "cat person," though our pet cat of nearly ten years recently passed away, I do find their contradictory playful and aloof nature to be an interesting subject matter. Or, it could be that one can only take so many pictures of people sitting around drinking egg nog opening presents.

Ticker feigning disinterest in the catnip bird. (12/25/13)
This year Ticker was gifted with a catnip stuffed bird-on-a-string. Ticker is one of those great cats who likes to hunt and play with his toys, an activity he is remarkably adept at despite his girth. Taking pictures of the cat doing silly "cat things" can fill time with many more giggles than you could reasonably expect.

Gotcha! (12/25/13)
Not content with silly attacking the bird, the string is next!  (12/25/13)
This is called "licking one's chops." (12/25/13)
Yet another toy has been brought to heel in Ticker's paws. (12/25/13)
... and we're done! (12/25/13)
That, my friends, is how I "keep it hood" during the holidays: cat pics and witty captions!

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