Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Backyard Birdfeeder Roll-Call

Northern Cardinal awaits his chance to hop to the feeder.(4/19/14)
A common, colorful, visitor to our backyard bird feeder in Rochester, New York, is the Northern Cardinal. especially resplendent among the brownish grass and naked branches of tres in springtime, the Northern Cardinal is just a wee bit less noisy than the equally vibrant Blue Jay.

Tree Sparrows tam-up to feast. (4/19/14)
American Tree Sparrows are the most common passers-by. The cylindrical feeder does not remain full for long as large groups will snack when available. Amidst tree sparrows and Black-capped Chickadees, the House Finch's rosy red coloring is striking and beautiful.

House Finch atop feeder. (4/19/14)
Snack time for House Finch. (4/19/14)

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