Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Birds Doing Bird Things

Athena Courtyard Cardinal. (5/20/14)
MY recent lack of posting is not due to a lack of avian activity in either the school courtyard or home backyard (though that has diminished slightly), but the product of a very busy end-of-school year schedule. Last Tuesday as the end of class, one of my students inquired as to whether or not I'd seen any "inetersting" birds in the courtyard recently. To that point in the day, I had not, but as fate would have it, at the end of the day as I went to close the blinds for the evening, I spotted both the Northern Cardinal above and the bathing American Robin below.

Thankful the grass had not been cut for the week just yet. (5/20/14)
American Robin takes a dip in the "cement pond." (5/20/14)
A brief break between splashes. (5/20/14)
A quick air-dry before flitting away. (5/20/14)

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