Friday, June 06, 2014

Veggie Garden Ready to Go

Bell pepper plant preparing to explode with blossoms... eventually! (6/7/14)
When I randomly mentioned gardening in class this past week, a student seeking clarification (affirmation?) inquired, "You are a gardener?" Unable to take much credit for the thinking process involved, I clarified, "I'm more of a manual labor guy, turning dirt and laying mulch; my wife is the gardener," adding after a moment,"I'm good at taking direction." At the top of the post is the final product of our gardening labors last weekend. Despite my track coaching season still going on (and therefor my being unable to get home as early as I would like to after classes), this first weekend of June may be the earliest date we have had our vegetable garden actually planted in a number of years.

Last year, we toyed with degradable paper to minimize weed growth, but this year went all-in, using it to prep about 85% of the area. The remaining 15% was reserved for radish seeds and cucumber plants.

Garden bed turned over and blended with compost, pre-paper cover. (5/30/14)
Paper cover applied. (5/30/14)
Mulch over paper. (5/30/14)
Nearly ready for business. (5/30/14)
Watered, fenced in, and ready to Anne and I to head to the nursery for plants. (5/30/14)
Our fully planted vegetable garden waiting to blossom. (6/2/14)

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