Saturday, July 26, 2014

First Time, Long Time, Long(er) Run

This morning's route.
Conditions: 6:15 a.m., 60°F, 78% Humidity, Mostly Cloudy, Winds: SSW @ 7 mph.
Time 1:21.42, Pace: 9:04 min/mile

First time I've run more than 7 miles the since the September 18, 2011 Rochester Half Marathon. It's been a long time, but having worked up to a run of this distance and pace the past three weeks, I felt I was ready to give it a try. Though I was apprehensive--it took me nearly 35 minutes to "get ready" and get out the door--I accomplished what I had hoped to, taking another step some toward a semblance of fitness.

This was also the first time this week I ran a strictly predetermined course. Last week, I posted about the running rut  I had felt myself quickly slipping back into, and in an effort to pull myself out, had been going to try fewer scripted runs. This seems to have helped my internal interest level. It also gave me a series of physical benchmarks (streets, buildings, parks) that I could mentally focus on moving towards as I ran rather than focusing on the seemingly distant conclusion of my planned run.

A solid run on an unusually cool, beautiful summer morning!

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