Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roadie: Streets of San Francisco

A street in San Francisco. (7/11/14)
The last six days were spent vacationing in northern California with a friend of mine from high school. During that time, he and his wife were kind enough to take me to a number of different points of interest in and around the Bay area.

Your's truly outside the
Cartoon Art Museum. (7/11/14)
On my first full day in California, we had tickets for a concert in the evening at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, so (in addition to  eating) the hours leading up to the show were spent wandering the streets of San Francisco. This gave us plenty of opportunity to stop to browse and savor quite a few cultural landmarks, some of which I will post about in more depth at a later time.

The blending of architectural styles and cultural influences made for some engaging photographic opportunities. Quite a few of the shots from a middle-of-the-road perspective were taken quickly as traffic lights were changing. It was only in reviewing them just now that I've noticed a few locals wandering into the frame, an affect I quite like. Due to our combined inability to navigate the neighborhoods too well, my friend experienced quite a bit "local color" as we made our way from Cartoon Art Museum to City Lights Bookstore.

San Francisco. (7/11/14)
San Francisco. (7/11/14)
San Francisco flower stand. (7/11/14)
One of the many panhandlers that "work" the streets of San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Barbary Coast Trailer marker embedded in San Francisco sidewalk. (7/11/14)
The entrance to San Francisco's Chinatown. (7/11/14)
Chinatown, San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Residential side streets in Chinatown, San Francisco. (7/11/14)
San Francisco's Chinatown. (7/11/14)
San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Note the cables above the streets. These block much of the view in urban San Francisco. (7/11/14)
San Francisco's tallest building the Transamerica Pyramid is to the left. (7/11/14)
San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Chinatown mural in San Francisco. (7/11/14)
San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Directly across the street from City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. (7/11/14)
Many architectural styles converge in San Francisco. (7/11/14)

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