Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekly Pull List: July 30

Lots of comic book goodness on the New Releases table this week!
Another Wednesday, another great New Comic Book Day!

For the uninitiated, new comic books are released for purchase every Wednesday, and in order to insure being able to purchase a copy of any given comic book, collectors will establish a "pull list" with their shop of choice. This means that the retailer orders you a copy of the books you prefer, and sets it aside (pulls it) for you to pick up at your convenience. During the summer, I have the great luxury of arriving at the comic shop at open (11 a.m.) every Wednesday, have my books pulled for me, and even have time to check out titles I did not ask for but may choose to purchase on a lark.

This week's pull list consisted of a number of new titles and the return of some older favorites who have been sidelined for a while:
  • The Goon: Occasion of Revenge #1 (Dark Horse), written and illustrated by Eric Powell and Baltimore: Witch of Harju #1 (Dark Horse), written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden with art by Peter Bergting. Two of Dark Horses supernatural hunters return in mini-series this week. Yes, Goon was published last week, I neglected to pick it up then, so it made this week's pull list. Both titles do not require a reader having read past issues featuring either character, so in addition to beginning new storylines, each also serves as a goo jumping on point.
  • I did not realize it until I got home, but both the Shadow Over Innsmouth One-Shot (Dynamite Publishing) and In the House of the Worm #1 (Avatar) feature art by Ivan Rodriguez. Working with very different settings, a fantastic imaginary world from the mind of Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin and the grounded real-world of Ron Marz's Shadow story, Rodriguez does a solid job switching genres (slightly) while maintaining a realistic (though thankfully NOT photo referenced) style that is clean and colorful. Even Shadow Over Innsmouth, set in a Lovecraftian seaside community, has a lively feel to it as presented by Rodriguez. I'm on board for at least the first arc of Worm, so I look forward to seeing more of what this artist has to offer.
  • Not surprisingly, the prolific Marz (he also wrote this week's The Adventures of Superman #15 featuring art by Declan Shavley, making it a likely pickup next week) also wrote this week's Witchblade #177. During his return to the adventures of Sara Pezinni, Marz continues tweaking the character he wrote for many issues prior to Tim Seeley's too-short run. Though at first blush, the bright, anime style of artist Laura Braga may seem odd for what has traditionally been a "dark" book, I quite enjoy her work on this title so far. Braga's style makes new some ideas that have honestly been visited previously (Sara loses the Witchblade--again, Sara is given a new partner who dies with a likely resurrection very likely next issue, again) new and fresh.
Not a disappointing book in the bunch this week... and I haven't even mentioned the continued awesomeness of Marvel's All-New Ghost Rider written by Felipe Smith with art by Tradd Moore. As long as this creative team stays with this title they'll get my cash--it's that good and the first title I read when it comes out. This week's issue concludes the series' opening arc and moves the new character closer to being part of the Marvel mainstream. (The villainous Mr. Hyde, who has previously battled the traditional Ghost Rider character, notes that protagonist Robbie Reyes is "not the Ghost Rider" because he "smells different.") I am a little afraid to become to attached to this title as it seems like one that will be cancelled should it not prove profitable quickly. This is a great title for new comers to comic books.

It's week's like that remind me that we as collectors are in the midst of a genre renaissance--it's a great time to be a fanboy!

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