Friday, October 31, 2014

Blackbeard's First Halloween!

Blackbeard aka Kitty contemplates his pumpkin's design. (10/30/14)
For better or worse, much of my free-time at home has devolved into watching our one-eyed kitten, Blackbeard, do silly things. Climbing screens, hiding in plain sight, playing with our dog, Gracie, and other such shenanigans. Last evening, the night before Halloween, my wife and I finally made time to carve our pumpkin, and is most often the case nowadays, we completed the task with the help of Blackbeard (or "Kitty" as most in the family have taken to calling him). Fortunately for Anne and I, Kitty is also a traditionalist when it comes to jack o'lantern making, favoring sincere old-school carving to fancy-shmancy gourd scraping and whittling.

Kitty manages Anne's gutting of the pumpkin. (10/30/14)
Ever conscious of the environment, Kitty insists on composting the pumpkin innards. (10/30/14)
A quick break to tease the dog. (10/30/14)
All done! (10/30/14)
Final jack o'lantern! (10/30/14)
Oooooh, scary!? (10/30/14)

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