Sunday, November 30, 2014

Green Holiday at Public Market

The Public Market office building; site of many green and community projects. (11/30/14)
On the last day of November, naturally, it's a balmy 50°F, with an expected high of 32°F in the forecast for tomorrow, so Anne and I elected to head down to the Rochester Public Market. Today was the first of three Holidays at the Market events, and despite the lack of traditional holiday weather there were a number of festive vendors and crafts-people selling holiday items such as garlands, hats, decorations and, of course, trees.

There were also, of course a number of jolly, older men in red with white beards; one was Santa Claus in a horse-drawn carriage, while another was working at a booth. Though there were not as many people there as during the summer (I wonder how many folks knew it was open today, it being a Sunday in November) it was good to see many multi-generational families out enjoying the city's offerings.

Suitably, given the warm November temp, in addition to getting into the Christmas spirit, our visit also gave me the opportunity to check in on some of the green projects. Because we recently leased a Chevy Volt (upgrading from our previous Prius), we could use our time walking the public market charging our vehicle at one of Rochester's electrical vehicle charging stations. Another benefit of the electric car is the preferred parking that comes with using the charging station.

Our car getting juiced at the electric vehicle charging station. (11/30/14)
Charging the car at a station takes less time than doing
so at home. (11/30/14
Living walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a 
building. As it is late fall, the market's living wall waits for spring to be green again. (11/30/14)
Close-up of the "resting" living wall. (11/30/14)
A ceramic block with artwork near the market office building. (11/30/14)
Solar panels on Shed A. (11/30/14)
The solar panel inverters which convert the DC electricity of the panels into AC 
electricity. (11/30/14)
Solar-powered trash compactors compress waste 
using solar power. (11/30/14)
Santa and friend treating families to "sleigh rides." (11/30/14)
More public parking on Railroad Street. (11/30/14)
There will be two more Holidays at the Market the next two Sundays, December 7 and December 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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