Saturday, March 07, 2015

Training Weeks

Time DOES fly! This picture is from a 2005(!)
Freezeroo Race. Sometimes (okay, often)
I look at these old race pics and wonder
"What was I thinking?"
Nearly three weeks into my current training phase  (and almost two weeks since last writing about it), and things are going according to my prescribed plan, and as such, "well." The lingering tightness/ache in my left hamstring has only prompted me to be more dedicated in stretching and strengthening before, after and between runs. Any concerns I have for re-injuring it will be further ameliorated (realized?) in the next few weeks as my "long" runs creep past the 5 mile mark. It was midway through a 7 mile easy run in September that I "pulled" it, so psychologically it is the hurdle to be overcome presently. (The goal is a half-marathon--13.1 miles--in April so it has to be done.)

Though the distances (and the paces at which I'm running them) are not amazing by any means, I feel satisfied by having simply completed them. I'm endeavoring to use the slowly building mileage, average pace, and challenge of not doing more once the endorphins are flowing, as a means to develop a stronger sense of discipline. On those days when one is feeling well, it is not easy to adhere to established "rest days" or low mileage runs, but I have done so. As I had hoped, the frequency and structure of my training runs has motivated me to follow-thru even on those mornings when I would prefer to lay in bed. Only once did I need to swap rest and run days due to an ache in my leg (and the warmth of my bed.)

As of this morning's cross-training workout at the gym, I have yet to find my way out into the real world of snowy roads, icy walkways and oncoming traffic. The intention is to do just that tomorrow morning, the rare recent day that the mercury is forecast to exceed 20°F. I will not be running the half on a treadmill (thank goodness!) and there is always a chance in upstate New York that the temps will be freezing in mid-April, so at some point I need to break free from what has oddly become my safety zone (the dreadmill!) and venture into the great outdoors. I am looking very forward to this.

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