Friday, April 17, 2015

Blackbeard's Backyard Bunnies

Blackbeard spots TWO bunnies from the kitchen window. (4/3/15)
With our puppy having recently passed away, and the icy finally melted, our backyard has become something of a haven for our backyard bunnies. While Gracie never bothered the rabbits that would frequent our backyard (and apparently live under the shed), without her presence they have nothing to fear. As much as Blackbeard yearns to get outside in the back to play, that ain't going to happen... at least not intentionally!

Tougher than you'd think getting two wild rabbits in a single shot from inside 
the house. (4/3/15)
Gooood bunny! (4/3/15)
Later! (4/3/15)
A dewy day for checking out the slumbering gardens. (4/3/15)
Blackbeard waits by the backdoor to go out. (4/3/15)
Yummy! (4/5/15)
Rabbit has gained confidence now, sauntering to brick 
back patio in daylight. (4/5/15)

Out for a morning hop around the hood... (4/12/15)
... but not without checking back first. (4/12/15)

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