Friday, April 03, 2015

What Did the Cat See?

Blackbeard (aka "Kitty") surveys our urban estate for potential prey. (4/1/15)
This is the first spring that Blackbeard has been living with us and it would appear he also enjoys staring into the backyard in search of aviary/animal activity.

Tuesday morning, Blackbeard and I both took note of our backyard rabbit sitting under the evergreen tree in the far left corner of the yard. During the winter months (which I hope are at last finally behind us), I would occasionally catch the rabbit sitting in roughly the same spot, and tell-tale tracks suggested he was living under our shed and foraying into the front yard through our (currently) broken wooden fence. Good for him; I can appreciate the need/desire to get out-and-about from time to time (a need Blackbeard has also expressed given numerous attempts to jet out open doors).

Rabbit rests, angle 1. (4/1/15)
Rabbit rests, angle 2. (4/1/15)
Rabbit rests, angle 2. (4/1/15)
After coming across numerous rabbits in the neighborhood during early morning runs, and seeing the one living under our shed throughout the winter, it was good to snap a few pics. Now that the snow has finally begun to melt, it is much more challenging to see the rabbit(s), but that hasn't stopped either me or Blackbeard from peering out the kitchen windows looking for continued activity. Much like the ubiquitous birds my wife would cajole me about taking pictures of in years past, my camera is always at the ready should the rabbit come out in plain site for a it.

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