Friday, July 24, 2015

Watching Wascally Wabbits

Two rabbits in one frame. (7/20/15)
Welcome back, my lagomorph friends!

Blackbeard waits for the
show to begin. (7/21/15)
During the first two weeks of July, while we were having our house painted, the rabbits that previously had become so common in our backyard had seemed to move into the neighbor's yard (over the past few weeks I would see them occasionally foray into our yard through a loose board on the wooden fence). It took a while following the painters' removal of their equipment, but it now appears that the rabbits are once again comfortable enough to come hang out in our backyard, a situation which makes both our cat, Blackbeard, and I very happy.

As I've written about previously, our area of the city has seen a resurgence in the rabbit population over the last five years. This year, at nearly anytime of the day, it is difficult to walk a block without running into a rabbit lounging in the lawn of peering from beneath shrubs. At one point I wondered if it would be possible to do an unofficial census of the rabbit population, but now realize it would be impossible.

Each morning when I go for a run, walk or bike ride, out of habit I'll whisper "good morning" to the rabbit that daily sits in my neighbor's front yard. Now that our friends are back, we can enjoy watching them interact and do "rabbit" things from our back porch. It is easy to project human qualities onto animals (we all do it with pets, right?),  and this fantasy is only easier to create when the same animals are a part of our daily lives. In that way, one of the rabbits pictured in this photos, the one with the large "red" spot on his back, has consistently visited the yard during the majority of the summer, so much so that we now look for the signifying spot.

The rabbit with the red spot (7/20/15)
You lookin' at me? (7/20/15)
Even this male Northern Cardinal doesn't understand why I'm taking pictures 
of ubiquitous rabbits!  (7/20/15)
Grooming time. (7/20/15)
Making separate meals for dinner isn't so difficult. (7/20/15)
Chillin. (7/20/15)
It is great to once again have these wily wabbits back in the yard. The relaxing summer past-time of watching bunnies at rest and play is hopefully back to stay.

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