Monday, August 10, 2015

A Training Milestone (of Sorts)

The 10 mile route around Rochester I ran this morning.
Like many, each day after running I write down the weather, distance covered, intended pace, actual pace, as well as any goals I may have had for each run. (Though I use online resources for the information, I still enjoy writing the info and reflection in pen and paper rather than using one of the running social networks.) Following this morning's 10-mile jaunt, and after adding up this week's mileage, I realized that I have now covered 502 miles since getting back into things 25 weeks ago on February 15.

The total includes the training runs, two half-marathons, one 10k, one 15k and one 5-miler I've competed in since, resulting in a straight average of 20 miles weekly during 3-4 runs (one of which is generally a longer run accounting for 40-50% of total mileage). Though I fear jinxing myself, I am glad to have slowly returned to a consistent, meaningful training pattern, and am pleased to have chosen to work through a few different plans in an effort to find that which works best. As always, the challenge will be continuing to maintain the effort once school (work) begins anew in September, but I remain confident that it will happen.

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