Saturday, October 03, 2015

Cleveland (and J-Rock) Rocks

Part of the numerous art installations in the Daniel Burnham section of the
Cleveland Mall. (9/27/15)
I spent last weekend in the Beachwood suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, making two trips into the city. In a span of 36 hours during two trips to the North Coast Harbor district in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie, we managed to take in two of the linchpins of Cleveland's shoreline redevelopment project, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Oaktown's #1 B-Boy and I outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (9/26/15)
On the first day, the friend who I was visiting and I went to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, though armed with our cell phones, I left my "regular" camera in the car. The following day, one on which he was working at the Cleveland Browns-Oakland Raiders NFL game, I walked around the general vicinity of the stadium parking garage and snapped a few touristy pictures of local landmarks and artwork. It was an especially gorgeous day for picture taking and football watching.

Cleveland continues to build. (9/27/15)
The Great Lakes Science Center from the Cleveland Mall. (9/27/15)
FirstEnergy Stadium, officially FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the
Cleveland Browns as viewed from the Mall. (9/27/15)
View from my seats at FirstEnergy. (9/27/15)
A sea of Browns fans entering the stadium fro a showdown with the Raiders! (9/27/15)
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum located on the shore of Lake Erie in
downtown Cleveland, OH, as viewed from the Mall.(9/27/15)
Pretty much the only reason we went to the Hall of Fame. (9/26/15)
Yes, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame closes at 5:30 on Saturday night?! (9/26/15)
J-Rock identifying the Beatsie Boys! (9/26/15)
Exterior of the Cuyahoga County Courthouse in Cleveland, OH.
The frieze of the cornice includes the inscription "Cuyahoga County
Courthouse". (9/27/15)
Statue of Alexander Hamilton (1911), by Karl Bitter, outside
Main Entrance. (9/27/15)
The fact that Cuyahoga County and the winding river that runs
through it are named for the Iroquois American Indian word
meaning “crooked water” or “crooked river” may account for
the Native American visages on the doors to the court house. (9/27/15)
Close-up of door to court house. (9/27/15)
Close-up of statue of Thomas Jefferson (1911), also by Bitter,
outside the Cuyahoga County Courthouse's South Side Main
Six stone statues, sculpted by Daniel Chester French, of historical law givers reside
above the cornice. (9/27/15)
Two statues at the center of six depicting figures associated with the development of
English and American law.(9/27/15)
View of Cuyahoga County Court House from down the street
with artwork in the foreground. (9/27/15)
Often associated only with an at-times annoying Drew Carey sitcom, it seems to me that Cleveland sometimes get's a bum rap. I found the city beautiful, the stadium fantastic and the entertainment factor of both my walks and game-day experience to be excellent. After passing the Cleveland skyline numerous times on trips elsewhere in the past, I was very pleased with my first experience there as a visitor.

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