Monday, October 19, 2015

NYC Roadie: Chelsea Market & The High Line

Exterior signage reflects Chelsea Market's Meatpacking District location. (10/17/15)
Visiting my stepson for Columbia University's Parents Weekend, Anne and I continued looking for new parts of New York City to take-in during our time there. This past weekend, in addition to checking out a few previously untested comic book (and book) stores, we made our way to Chelsea Market and The High Line. Because one (Chelsea Market) is partially located beneath the other (High Line), the "double dip" was an easy one to accomplish. As is so often the case, there was much more to potentially experience (foods, views, people-watching) than we were able to take in during the time we had available.

Halloween decorating was in full-swing in Chelsea Market. (10/17/15)
Both locales are excellent examples of the re-use of existing (and previously out-of-use) city space. The High Line consists of a converted out-of-use railroad trestle while Chelesa Market is comprised, in part, of old Nabisco factory.

It is New York City, so naturally, someone was filming something.
What do you know, it's Edgar Allan Poe! (10/17/15)
High Line Park. (10/17/15)

Above Chelsea Market, the High Line passes through the building on the 10th Avenue side. Opening in Spring 2009, this abandoned, elevated railroad track has been converted to an urban oasis or greenway, which now forms a continuous route between the Javits Convention Center and the trendy Meatpacking District.

My wife, Anne, with a multitude of "friends," at the High Line. (10/17/15)

View from within the High Line. (10/17/15)

Public artwork adds visual flair. (10/17/15)
Pubic walkways through the park. (10/17/15)
Mt stepson, Gregory, and I. (10/17/15)

Exiting the High Line. (10/17/15)

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