Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jersey Paper-cup Pics

American Robin in Overpeck Park, NJ. (3/27/16)
While at Overpeck Park, New Jersey, last weekend for the Collins Cup regatta, in addition to observing some solid collegiate rowing, my wife and I also came across some fairly common birds doing common bird things. For as long as I have been snapping pictures of everyday (or "ubiquitous," as my wife once accurately referred to them) birds at our backyard feeders, I have been reminded how unremarkable "normal" birds are.

To make the point clearer to me in New Jersey, my wife made a paper-cup analogy: "Robins are like paper-cups... you can find them nearly everywhere." This analogy was intended to reinforce how commonplace these types of birds are, a point which is one-hundred percent accurate. The pictures on this post could very easily been taken in our backyard back home in Western New York.

Which, in my estimation, does not make them any less interesting or engaging.

Tree Sparrow and Grackle in Overpeck Park, NJ. (3/27/16)
Tree Sparrow. (3/27/16)
Tree Sparrow. (3/27/16)
Tree Sparrow. (3/27/16)

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