Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Roadie: National September 11 Memorial

Approaching the Oculus and One World Trade Center. 
As frequently as we have been to New York City since my step-son began attending Columbia University  three years ago, we have not made it down to Ground Zero. Until last weekend. Not much to add except to say that scale of the buildings lost is far greater than depicted in the news. It was wonderful to see so many people from a Variety of backgrounds respectfully visiting the National Memorial.

Map of National September 11 Memorial. (6/19/16)
Just one-half of the Oculus, the World Trade
Center Transportation Hub. (6/19/16)
The two structures certainly make for a unique profile. (6/19/16)

One World Trade Center as seen from the adjacent North Pool. (6/19/16)
The North Pool of the National September 11 Memorial at the site of Tower One.
Both pools are part of the design entitled Reflecting Absence, by
architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker. (6/19/16)
Victims names are inscribed on bronze plates attached to the parapets of the
walls of the memorial pools. (6/19/16)
Waterfall close-up. (6/19/16)
Security at South Pool. (6/19/16)
The South Pool; both pools include man-made
waterfalls along the sides. (6/19/16)
In memory of the Orlando victims. (6/19/16)
South Pool. (6/19/16)
Despite many visitors, a suitably solemn memorial. (6/19/16)
An impressive memorial definitely worth a visit should you find yourself in New York City.

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