Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ubiquitous Birds of Riverside Park

Broadway shows, high end shopping, fancy restaurants, and ubiquitous birds.

Last weekend, Anne and I went to New York City to visit her son, Gregory, who is interning this summer. Because he it is not cost-effective to stay on campus, Gregory's is spending the summer renting a room in a friend's  fraternity house across the street from Riverside Park. Each day when we would get together with him, Anne and I would wait to meet him in the park. While there, with time on my hands and an interest in the commonplace in my heart, I snapped some pictures of the American Tree Sparrows that populate Riverside Park in New York City.

This species of bird also happens to regularly visit our backyard feeders in Western New York, as well as nearly every the park and backyard in your neighborhood (assuming your in the Northern United States and Canada), too! Though according to the Cornell Ornithology website, American Tree Sparrows "rarely seen south of northern Canada in summer," these everyday birds seem to be unbelievably prevalent year round! Of course, their pervasive presence in parks and yards does not make them any less interesting to watch...

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