Tuesday, July 05, 2016

BUSTED! Backyard Visitors

Blackbeard keeps a keen eye on the backyard from the kitchen counter. (7/3/16)
With the grass cut, mulch laid and feeders briefly full, this past weekend was an exciting one in our backyard. As is often the case, Blackbeard the cat and I spent time watching the birds and bunnies come and go from our assigned vantage points: the kitchen (Blackbeard) and the back porch (me).

Tree sparrows on tomato cages. (7/2/16)
Tree sparrows and purple finch on cylindrical feeder. (7/2/16)
Male tree sparrow shares with female. (7/2/16)
Male Northern Cardinal stops by for visit. (7/3/16)
Small Eastern Cottontail outside entrance to home under shed. (7/3/16)
The center of attention. (7/3/16)
Large adult Eastern Cottontail. (7/4/16)
Gray catbird hides in small tree. (7/4/16)
For scale, adult Eastern Cottontail. (7/4/16)
Eastern Cottontail. (7/4/16)
Female and male Goldfinch on small cylindrical feeder with Nyjer. (7/4/16)
Eastern Cottontail. (7/4/16)
Backyard guardian. (7/4/16)

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