Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Backyard Wings & Things

Northern Flicker. (8/29/16)
Despite the loss this past spring of our American elm tree, one of the main attractions to the space for a variety of birds, the aviary action has continued these past few weeks. August's dog days are much more manageable with the entertainment created by birds and rabbits at play in the grass and gardens. Especially exciting to have the Northern Flickers drop in for a spell on a number of occasions throughout the month.

Fun Fact: Because they eat ants and beetles, flickers
are commonly found on the ground eating. (8/29/16)
Cottontail rabbit. (8/11/16)
Cottontail rabbit and young American Robin. (8/11/16)
Mystery bird? (8/7/16)
Female Northern Cardinal on a wire. (8/7/16)
Two well-camouflaged Northern Flickers. (8/1/16)
Northern Flicker. (8/1/16)
Northern Flicker doing his "wing-thing". (8/1/16)
Northern Flicker. (8/1/16)

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